stuck at the office


Two days away from Spring and I’m feeling a longing for the outdoors. I feel lucky to have a job that I love, but looking out the window on such a beautiful day like today and already feeling the perfect amount of warmth that these days have to offer makes it a bit hard to concentrate on the computer screen. Today, getting out a 6pm sounds like drag because I know the sun will be setting by then. I could go out for some coffee and sit at the outside tables, though. Half-full, not half-empty.

A few things on my mind that distract me from constantly looking out the window is that I’m 2 weeks away from my 1st wedding anniversary. We don’t have special plans but I really look forward on using that day as an excuse to re-post wedding videos and pictures. I got a sewing machine so I’ll be working on a couple of projects this weekend and tomorrow I’m going to go dress-shopping with my sister-in-law (her sweet 15 is coming up). Hopefully I can sneak some sun and hopefully the weather doesn’t decide to get bipolar and rain (like last weekend). Less jackets, more cardigans and bring on the prints.